Digital Art on the blockchain

Ever since I re-started this project I wanted to be able to offer the works as Digital Art. I’ve searched long and hard but could not find a simple solution that I liked. As I also have quite some application development experience I thought it was an interesting idea to see if I could develop a system myself. The last two months I have been busy building this solution that has seen the light of day on April 30th.

The system I’ve created is open and available for anyone to use. Although it has been developed with digital art in mind you can register any object you like. Being it an artwork or a laptop. I’ve entered all my works from this project on it and have created links on each shop page. I have made them available in series of 10 but singular works are also possible. Check out the example on and in my shop

If you want to learn more you can find the site here or contact me. You can also create an account and add your own artworks. Let me know if you need help or have ideas on how to improve.