Tokyo Shibuya, where almost 3 million people commute every day.

The story of Tokyo Shibuya station told with photo collages from pictures taken in 1994 in 42 pages. Each page is a story by itself, all pages combined tells the complete story. A journey in distance and time.

A story that initially was meant as a journey in place has now become a journey in time as well. I have discovered that many of the features that are present in the pictures from 25 years ago are still present today. Some modernised some original. Some disappeared and some replaced by newer versions.




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Get the book on Amazon, 42 pages print-on-demand in full colour that will keep you glued to the story of Shibuya Station.

Available as soft cover paperback and as Kindle eBook. The eBook has a panel view that will guide you from frame to frame.

Also available as adult colouring book

The “Tokyo Shibuya Station” colouring book, an immersive experience that captures the essence of Shibuya district in Tokyo. With 42 pages of taken from the art book ‘Tokyo Shibuya Station’ with intricately detailed designs, this book combines the beauty of art with the therapeutic benefits of colouring, allowing you to explore the bustling area of Shibuya Station from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re an experienced colourist or just starting out, this book offers numerous designs to fill with your own unique color palette, making it the perfect way to relieve stress and unleash your creativity. So, grab your colouring tools and let the journey begin!