I am Steit Slings. Interested in Art, Music, Food, Travel, Life. Ever since I could pronounce the word I wanted to become an architect. Build stuff. Make the world a better place trough architecture. At an age of about 10 years old I bought a Sinclair ZX81 with 16Kb with my brother. The modern fridge has more memory. More memory than the Sinclair, not my brother. My educational journey took me via architecture and art into IT where I’ve spend my time building digital architecture. Build stuff. The love for architecture and art never left. Recently I decided to spend more time doing the things I love the most. Build stuff.

Born in an age where computers and digital media were new and daring. Computers and art combinations were rare. I created installations that were computer operated or on-screen manifestations. Alongside with more traditional forms of art and commercial products. I am still active as an (Interim) CTO/CIO and divide my time between IT and Art, trying to find interesting crossovers.
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