Virtual Journeys

The Virtual Journeys are an expanding series travel journals offering the reader a view into the city life of several capitols. The stories are told in the form of a graphic novel where each page is a small story in itself and all pages combined tell the larger story.

In each city I have chosen one particular place or walk that has a unique view of the visited metropole and lets the reader experience this. Each page is made up of fragments of pictures that have been processed in order to let you focus on the details without being distracted by photo realism.

Supporting to the stories each city also has an ‘Adult colouring book’ where you can let your creativity flow and create your own version. The colouring process not only is a stress relief and calming experience it also lets you focus even more on the images that are presented.

The first two books created were Tokyo and Istanbul, both created from pictures taken almost 30 years ago. Followed by Lisbon that was shot in 2019. More cities are to follow and will be published here in the same formats.